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Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday, Monday (etc.)

When you hear the names of the days of the week, what songs do you have trouble getting out of your head? I hear several for each but oddly, nothing for Thursday. What song do you hear with Thursday?

Easiest ones for me? Based on the title of this post, I'm sure you guessed one. I'm betting some of you  heard Papa John Philips' voice as you read that title. Even better, I hope you heard Mama Cass joining in with that wonderful harmony as the second verse starts. Tuesday? I hear Ira Gershwin's wonderful lyric to his brother George's beautiful melody in the middle section of "The Man I Love" ("...Maybe Tuesday will be my good news day..."). Sung by? You pick. With a song that great it hardly matters. Oh, OK, not Michael Bolton.

I've got multiple melodies in my head for Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday too but I'd rather hear about what you hear. Sunday? My head is clamoring. Just for Spanky & Our Gang alone there's "Sunday Will Never Be the Same" (try getting that hook out of your head!) & "Sunday Afternoon". Or, go back to Ira & George again; same song, different day - Sunday, which rhymes with....Monday. But wait...now Ira & George are competing with John & Cass. Oh man, see what I mean?

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