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Friday, January 13, 2012

Lucky Seven

Who were some of your early same gender role models? How much influence did they have on how you evolved as a woman or man?

As my daughter's 23rd birthday approaches, I've been reflecting on how grateful I am for the women she had around her as she grew up. First and foremost is her mother - a strong, intelligent & independent woman. From the beginning, my two sisters have been a critical  part of her life - always encouraging, supportive and loving. Then there are her four older girl cousins, my nieces, each of whom has exerted a unique and subtle influence. Seven women - each contributed, modeled, & helped my daughter see women in a wholly positive light.

Because both of her Grandmothers were gone before she was born and my wife's family is geographically distant, my daughter was fortunate indeed. She still ended up surrounded by an entrepreneur, 3 teachers, a mother/part time business woman, a sports therapist, and a journalist - 9 college degrees altogether. As she finds her own way now, she still has her lucky seven whenever she needs them. It's a good number.              


  1. Thank you, Pat, for your thoughtful appreciation and your willingness to be public about it. Ali is lucky to have you as a role model too.