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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paying Attention

I've got a challenge for you. Try to top the number of diversions I observed in just the car I was in the last time I was on the NYC subway. You'll need eight (8) totally unique activities to meet this challenge. In my car at least one person was:

* Doing nothing I could discern aside from being awake sitting or standing
* Sleeping
* Texting on a cellphone
* Working on a crossword puzzle
* Reading
* Having a live conversation (i.e. not on a cellphone)
* Listening to something via ear pods

Among the many useful by-products I've uncovered related to blogging is how much more I'm paying attention. As I looked around that subway car, I jotted down in my blog log the seven diversionary activities I observed. How do you ensure you're paying attention? What price might you be paying when you're not?  

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