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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Only Fitting Word

Since early June I've spent nearly every Friday morning doing farmwork in Howell at a place called Celtic Charms. Celtic Charms specializes in therapeutic horseback riding for people with a wide range of disabilities. On occasion, I've also assisted the certified riding staff.

This past Friday a regular rider called to cancel his lesson because he was having a "...bad morning..."; I didn't give it much thought at the time. After I left the farm Friday, my wife and I spent the remainder of the day visiting a friend in a Philadelphia hospital. Saturday passed quietly; lots of reading, a little guitar, a visit to NYC to spend time with my daughter.

When I woke today, that rider's "...bad morning..." came back to me. Later in the a.m., I found myself recalling "...bad mornings..." my blind and visually impaired clients would describe to me during the years I worked at the Commission For The Blind. Soon after, I thought of my friend who has had several rough years and remains in the hospital until Tuesday. What I originally thought I'd blog about today now seems superficial. Perspective strikes me as the only word fitting today; a day that started with a good morning.

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