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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Calibrations Required?

My wife and I have been together almost 34 years and lived together about 32.  Early in a conversation I was having recently with a new friend, I casually mentioned how my wife and I shifted responsibility several years ago for which of us would be in charge of tracking our financial situation.

As the conversation continued I found myself reflecting on how many of these shifts my wife and I have made during our time together in order to keep things humming along. I remarked to my friend that these shifts are like the frequent calibration those old analog scales needed in order to accurately show your weight. When you think back on longstanding relationships, what are some tweaks you recall making to keep things purring? Which were the hardest for you? No fair saying "putting the toilet seat down".

Though I can think of shifts I've made with my brother and sisters to keep those relationships (mostly) humming for 58-60 years, I only lived with the 3 of them for the first 20. And, we had our parents to act as referees if things got out of hand. So it's possible more tweaking is needed when it's just two people in a (theoretically) equal partnership. Your thoughts? Now as far as the shifts/tweaks needed to keep a relationship with a parent purring? Major calibrations required there and I've got my list. But I think I'll save it for a professional; blogs need boundaries, don't you think?

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