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Sunday, January 1, 2012


One of the most useful learning models I've ever come across is called stop-start-continue. The idea is to ask yourself - what will I stop doing as a result of what I've learned? Then repeat the question substituting the words start & continue for the word stop. When you're done you'll have three action steps you can take to apply what you've learned. Added bonus: Most of the research I've been exposed to says three actions is something many of us can remember and a small enough number that our chances of success are enhanced.

Because I'm not a big believer in new year resolutions, I've decided to begin 2012 using the stop-start-continue model instead. Why not join me? I'd love to know what you will stop, start and continue this year.

* This year I will stop driving in ways that scare my wife.
* This year I will start recording my original songs, using my daughter as the vocalist.
* This year I will continue my project of completing a non-fiction book alongside every novel I finish.

Welcome to 2012!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Your STOP resolution has made our driving expeditions about 95% better. Now my STOP for 2013...I will stop saying "watch out for..." and I will try very hard to stop making audible gasps. This was a wonderful gift to me.