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Monday, June 13, 2011

Blessed With A Passion

Although I find the word blessed an over-used one, I can't think of a better verb to describe how I feel about my passion for music. Which passion of yours do you feel this strongly about?

My young life revolved around Boy Scouts and sports but by early adolescence, music had me by the throat. I was first hypnotized by the Beach Boys, Temptations, Supremes. Then the British Invasion hit. My junior high school friends started a band and drafted me as the drummer although I had never played a musical instrument; I was a goner. Boy Scouts - done; following sports - over; school - an annoyance between band rehearsals.

Fast forward 45+ years: It takes a great deal of self-control to not blog EVERY day about music. Like many people, I've often been asked "What do you do?"  My answer in the years after my singing voice gave out would vary depending on what daytime work I was then doing as a main source of income. But often I felt a little disconnected from the question. What I "did" often seemed beside the point vs. who I am. I'm a musician. And I'm blessed with a passion for music that has never abated; not one bit.

"If there were no music, then I would not get through"
from "I Don't Know Why" by Shawn Colvin  (With killer guitar solo by David Lindley)   


  1. I too have that passion. It has never left me as I did other things for a living. Although I have not played in 40 years, I am able to be completely consumed by the inner depths of any style of good music. I hear it all, every instrument, every voice, every note. I am truly amazed by the talent that goes into what I hear. All because a few good friends took the time to teach me music.

  2. Great observation. Are we what we do? Are we defined by our role as a wife and mother? I have often used the line "and a person in her own right" when introducing someone as so and so's wife.