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Monday, December 9, 2013

Goodbye Alice

Another giant of contemporary literature, Alice Munro, has published what she says will be her last book - "Dear Life" (2012). These twelve stories, including four she describes as "...autobiographical in feeling though not, sometimes, entirely so in fact",  are representative of her best work - exquisite miniatures that reveal the universal via the everyday.

After finishing the book, using the five stories briefly described on the book jacket as a model, I set myself to the task of writing descriptions for the remaining seven to include in my book journal. Then I began fantasizing about other bookworms doing something similar. So, if you get around to reading this collection please send me your brief descriptions. In return, I'll send you mine, one nerd to another. It would be fascinating to see which details each of us extract from the stories to include, no?

If this is indeed Munro's coda, I will sincerely miss her. Glad she has a significant back catalog I haven't yet gotten through.

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