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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NO Klahoma

Of the States you've visited, which one holds the least appeal as a place to live?

Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii and Mississippi are four I haven't yet visited. My beloved New Jersey is out of the running. Of the ones remaining I have visited, I'm removing from consideration Arkansas, Idaho, Missouri, North Dakota, Tennessee - don't recall staying overnight there. So comparing those with others that got a better look-see seems unfair. Give those five a "*". Forty left.

Among those forty, at least for me, there is some competition for this dubious honor. Extreme weather takes care of a few, politics several more, prohibitive distance to a cultural center or large city a few others. But I did ask for one and can't very well expect you to commit unless I do, right? Cue the Rodgers & Hammerstein...

Oklahoma appears to be in no danger of inheriting me, and not because of the groan inducing pun disguised as post title. Tulsa is a very nice small city mentioned in several terrific songs, the setting of some good Westerns and books. Visit it if you're out that way. Just don't look for OK as a return address from me, OK?


  1. I think I would have to go with Kansas. I've met nice people from Kansas and I can see the appeal. But...Toto! If we haven't had broiling hot summers, sub-zero winters, blinding dust storms, hail the size of grapefruits, tornadoes as a weekly occurrence, then...we must not be in Kansas anymore. I'm guessing that the good folks from Kansas won't miss me.

  2. Hawaii. We've visited twice when Matts brother was stationed there (they were there for 3 years). The flight was long so visiting family often would be difficult. AND It's tourist season ALWAYS; who doesn't hate driving behind someone who has no idea where they're going.

  3. Kim; Kansas made my top 10 too. Marisa; I never considered Hawaii in the light you've seen it - always hear about the "paradise" piece but having tourists around you year round could get old fast. Thanks to both of you for commenting.