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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Name Game

If someone's last name is also a common first name (e.g. Barry or Lewis or Thomas), what is your view on first names? Though usually good with names, when first and last are interchangeable (James Barry, Henry Lewis, Scott Thomas), I've more than once found myself reversing the two and calling someone by their last name. This ever happen to you?

With a last name like David or Ryan or Terry, I'd advocate for a first name you don't often hear as a last - Sam David, Jacob Ryan, Eileen Terry. And though I'm more partial to traditional names, when someone's last name is a ubiquitous first name (e.g  Michael), this is an ideal time to get a little bolder with the first - Juliet Michael or Ian Michael or Yvonne Michael. Your thoughts?

Which brings me, politics aside, to Chris Christie. Come on, this is the best someone can do?        

1 comment:

  1. The Chris Christie style of naming is very efficient for both namer and namee. Tom Thomas. Terry Terry. Steve Stevenson. Johnson Johnson would have a lot to live up to, though.