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Friday, December 13, 2013

Just Four Letters

"What would I do if I weren't afraid?"

In matters large (e.g. procrastinating on a major decision), medium (avoiding an unpleasant recurring situation), or small (postponing sending out a blog I'm not completely satisfied with), if I remind myself to ask the question above, I usually find a way to push through. How do you get unstuck when temporarily immobilized by fear?

I don't recall when or where I first saw the question that opens this post - probably when immersed in self-help literature in the early-mid 90's while developing adult ed courses. I do know that question alone has been as helpful to me as entire books. And though the words are simple, doing the work behind the question can be hard. Few of us want to admit how often fear gets in our way and we're even less inclined to identify what we're afraid of. More likely? To save face, we manufacture other factors hindering us.

I started this blog hoping to generate an online dialogue; I've since adjusted my expectations. Of late, I'm satisfied when someone tells me they've discovered a useful morsel here. So any insight that occurs to you while considering this question, please let me know, online or off.  The energy I get hearing from you can be useful ballast when my own fear slows me down a little.


  1. I try to feel the fear and do it anyway (another book altogether). Fear is diminished in importance if we don't let it stop us. I give myself a pass for things that are just plain stupid, like bungee jumping and Polar Bear plunging.

  2. If I weren't afraid of the overwhelming financial costs I would like to have 4 children :-)

  3. Kim; Love the insight re fear being diminished if we don't attach so much importance to it. And Marisa - I can certainly understand your financial "fear" connected to having four kids. Thanks to both of you for commenting.