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Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Christmas Story

It's difficult to know when to let go.

Though it doesn't take much effort during the holidays to send a note or card to people who have slipped away, my internal conversation about doing so has shifted a little this year. Petty as it is, I've been trying to recall how long it has been since I've had any meaningful interaction with some people. By trying to maintain contact, however minimal, am I beginning to look needy, foolish or even worse, low-tech? Then, Hallmark cliches began playing in my head ("friends for a season, friends for a reason", etc.) and the ghost of Christmas future whispered - "Next year Pat, send out a group e-mail; it's easier, free, and people can block your e-mails without you knowing." 

Maybe that's my answer to a similar holiday dilemma from the ghost of a Christmas past.

Technology; helping me with the ghost of Christmas present- gotta love it.

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