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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Songs To Live In

Finishing my preparation early today for a performance tonight, I began reflecting on how long I've lived in some of these amazing songs. Each time I explore "Embraceable You", it reveals something new, a gift jazz improvising continually bestows.

And there is a never-ending supply of these gems. A few months ago I became entranced with a Jimmy Van Heusen ballad called "But Beautiful". As I began experimenting with it, I discovered how elegantly the enchanting melody lays on the guitar. I've now lived in this tune long enough; tonight it's ready to be played in public.

Frank Conroy's 1993 novel "Body and Soul" (incredible song, by the way), although taking place in the world of classical music, has probably gotten closest to nailing the musical rapture I'm trying to describe here. But inadequate as this attempt may be, in a few hours I'll be inside this music and sharing that with others. For that, I'm grateful.

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