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Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Crab Out Of Water

All worthy pejoratives deserve agreed-upon distinctions, aside from a dictionary definition. Heretofore, I readily accept and own the pejorative "crab" or "crabby", provided the user adheres to the following:

* Call me a Level 1 crab if I'm ranting about a pet peeve, e.g. people who repeatedly glace at their phones or text while otherwise engaged in conversation with me.

* Reduce me to a Level 2 crab if I'm prattling on about something I just don't get like men my age who dye their hair. I honor being termed a Level 2 crab in instances like this for what some may call a matter of personal choice, taste etc. Feel free to use those distinctions in your own crabless taxonomy.

* Further reduce me to a Level 3 crab if I seem mystified, without excessive judging, and muse about a hobby (vs. a "life" choice akin to the hair dye thing) like autograph seeking.

Any comments on this post or future installments in this new series, please adhere to the distinctions above = A pet peeve of yours (level 1 crab), something you don't "get" (level 2), hobbies that mystify you (3). To assist those readers who wish to avoid my dull pincers, look for crab, crabby, crabbiness etc. in the title of any future post.

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