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Friday, January 17, 2014

Bozo Publishes

Deadline For Submission: February 15

Strange how those five words are looming so large since meeting or not meeting the deadline in question will have little impact. And no one except me need ever know if I met it or didn't.

Each time I open the document I've worked on steadily for a few weeks I'm initially pleased with what I've got so far. Then the tinkering starts - hours go by and lots of words have changed but the word count hasn't shifted much. I honestly cannot tell if the 5000 word limit is helping or hindering me. This particular project also has me re-evaluating how much perfectionism may have hampered my previous attempts at longer form writing.

Maybe treating this project like my blog is a way to get over the endless rewriting. Most days it's no struggle to post three or four paragraphs here. But on days I find myself wordsmithing a post to death, if I look at the clock on the bottom right of the screen and too much time has gone by I say to myself, "press 'publish' bozo!" What's the worst that can happen? No one will read it?

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