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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mr. Id's Search For The Truth

What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

Mr. Id is not being coy; he doesn't have any up his sleeve. Perhaps he is too trusting. Or maybe time spent working in a large organization convinced him the coordination needed to orchestrate a complex conspiracy is not something any group larger than two people can reasonably manage.

Coming of age in the late 60's should make Mr. Id an ideal candidate for conspiracy theories. Shouldn't he reflexively distrust authority? Somehow, while Mr. Id retained a healthy dose of that hippie Kool-Aid, the conspiracy bogeyman didn't take hold. Maybe he's not smart enough to detect obvious and intricate patterns or hasn't read the right books. Cabals of bankers, secrets held for decades, scientists coerced into producing questionable findings - how dense can one doppelganger be?

Since his last experience being confronted by overwhelming evidence of multiple long running government conspiracies rendered Mr. Id uncharacteristically speechless, time to re-group. According to reliable sources, the Internet is the place to find answers and also a conspiracy-free zone. So, Mr. Id's search for truth begins here, with you.            

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