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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Me And The "In" Crowd

Been to a wedding reception or another big party where you didn't know many people? Bored at a business meeting? Waiting in line at Motor Vehicles with no book, magazine or I-phone?

A while back I developed a foolproof method to entertain myself in situations like these. I pretend to be back in high school and imagine what each person I see would have been into or which clique they would have belonged to. That guy over there? Definitely would have been in the chess club. The woman standing next to him? Clearly played in the marching band. That other guy? Football player, without a doubt.

Where is the bookworm/brainiac in this crowd you're in? How about the mean girl? Geek? Goth? Freak? This can be even more fun when you engage someone who doesn't know you and ask them to put you back in high school. The last time I tried it at a party, the first two people I attempted to engage wouldn't bite. They said they were afraid they'd offend me! Did I put them in mind of the guy who tortured animals? (My unconfirmed guesses about them - jock & drum majorette.)

Then a brave soul rose to the challenge - she guessed I was part of the "in crowd" - flattering, but way, way off the mark. She told me my guess about her was close; I said artist, she said "outsider". We had a good laugh. Why not try this and let me know how it goes?

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