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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

That Wicked Cycle

What a wicked cycle. Procrastination then rumination about the procrastination and so on. When you're aware of being in this reinforcing loop how do you break through? Some would say the fact of being aware means the cycle has already been broken.

Early today I was acutely aware I was in this loop; that awareness did not restore my focus. I continued ruminating, which in turn meant more procrastination, yet even after acknowledging the cycle aloud I remained stuck a good while longer. Although I was glad no one was around to overhear, the absurdity did not escape me. Ever talk aloud to yourself when in this loop? What do you say?

OK, probably unrealistic to expect anyone would answer that last question. Still, given the slight uptick in public comments of late, decided I'd visit the edge of the bell curve today and see if anyone is out here with me on this. If no one comments, do I assume that wicked cycle has you in its grip?

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  1. My tendency is not to ruminate; instead, I find ways to get very busy, thus avoiding whatever task is at hand. It's amazing how long the list can grow, and how many things can be found to take up any amount of time alloted. For example, right now I am avoiding writing a proposal by responding to your blog.