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Friday, May 23, 2014

Closing The Open Book

How would you feel if someone read your journal? 

I've done my share of stupid stuff and other stuff I'm not real proud of. And some of that stuff has made it into my journals. But, there are no smoking guns hiding there - lots of pebbles, no boulders. Even the Mt. Sinai no-nos I've violated and subsequently recorded haven't been the irreversible or permanent damage variety. So when recently asked the question that opens this post, my immediate answer was I'd be OK if almost anyone were to read my journals. I'm an open book, etc.

Days later, my answer feels like only part of the story; the other parts are not as glib. I'm reflecting on the need for boundaries, the value of privacy, the importance of mystery, all of which today strike me as the antithesis of blogging. Excessive transparency can be cringe-inducing.

Bottom line: It was a question that called for more thought than I initially gave it. When you've given it enough thought, I'd like to hear your answer.

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