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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Assist With A Dorky Dilemma

One hit wonders in popular music are so common entire books are devoted to the subject. Although far less common, avid readers can easily cite examples of authors who produced just one exceptional novel. Why then is it so difficult for even a movie geek like me to readily identify a parallel from film, i.e. an actor who made a huge splash in a well known movie and was subsequently not seen again?

I purposefully did not scour the Internet before beginning this post because I wondered, inconsequential as it may be, if anyone else, especially other film nerds, can name even one instance like this. I'm not talking about an obscure performance, no matter how excellent, in a little seen movie. What I'm wondering is, without research, can anyone come up with a comparable one-off film performance as enduring as "Vehicle" (the only hit by the Ides of March) or "To Kill A Mockingbird"  (Harper Lee's only novel) from a widely seen film? The closest I got, and it's weak, is Kathleen Lloyd's turn opposite Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando in "Missouri Breaks". Lloyd pretty much disappeared after that mess but the movie doesn't really stand up against "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" (the Casinos) or "Invisible Man" (Ralph Ellison) anyway.

I really want your help with this dorky dilemma. Shed some light on why you think there are so few parallels. Or, give me an example if you have one. Just promise me you won't use Google.  

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  1. Without google. TS Elliot Cats (Broadway). And Dylan Thomas A Child's Christmas in Wales (Christmas film movie)