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Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Grade (So Far): Thoughtfulness

thoughtfulness: the state of being occupied with or given to thought; contemplative; meditative; reflective. 

Given that definition, how would you grade yourself so far on thoughtfulness? Of the twenty eight attributes covered to date in this series, at least for this part of the definition, this is my most unambiguous "A". But, there's another part to thoughtfulness.

thoughtfulness: the state of being considerate of others.

What's your grade so far when approaching the same attribute from this very different angle? Though I wouldn't call myself inconsiderate, I've got work to do when the focus of thoughtfulness shifts from reflection to consideration. I"ll give Pat a "C+" (so far) here. And this piece clearly deserves any attention I give to it.

Although some might argue the two parts don't carry equal weight, that's the tack I'm taking. So, Pat gets a "B" (so far) for thoughtfulness. How about you?


  1. Just wondering: I tend to think and rethink just about everything. At night while laying in bed I go over my day and conversations I've had to make sure I was kind. When I write, I have to reread several times to make sure it makes sense. I think, think and then think some more. Do we get a negative grade for spending too much time in our heads contemplating, mulling and dissecting everything?

    How about for being thoughtful of others to the extreme of not thinking enough about what is best for ourselves? This, too, is a vice of mine. One that I am working on since have seen the negative consequences playing out in my life.

    Now please wait while I read and reread this, then think about it for days, to make sure I am not insulting you. ha ha!

    I love your posts! There is always room to grow and you so unselfishly share your growing experiences with those willing to read. Thank you!

    1. Anonymous: At the risk of being redundant, let me say that is the most thoughtful comment to this post that I could reasonably expect. I started this blog hoping for stuff like this. And, if there were a "negative" grade to be awarded for spending too much time in one's head, I would surely deserve an "F". On the other hand, being "too" thoughtful about others (as you say you can be) has never been an issue for me. Thanks heaps for your comment and for your kind words. Added bonus: I didn't have to think too much about this reply, re-read it, OR worry about hurting your feelings.