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Saturday, May 3, 2014


Since March 15, the date marking my fourth year of regular blogging, each day I've re-read my 2011 posts before beginning to write. The objective has been to see what's shifted for me over the ensuing three years. If any of you keep anything like a journal, maybe you'll join me and tell me what's changed for you over the same period.


Before today, nothing I wrote in 2011 struck a nerve. But re-reading May 3 has me in a more reflective place -
* Later in 2011, reading EM Forster's novel "Howard's End", I was startled to see the quote that opens my early post ("Only connect"). My subsequent book journal entry about Forster's novel contains a digression about the link between connecting with others and vulnerability.
* During the 2011 holiday season, continued musings on those links prompted me to write a post about friends who have let me go and how desperate I might seem to them for trying to remain connected. I then quickly moved from existential angst to practical considerations, deciding who to remove from my address book so I could avoid sending nonreciprocal holiday greetings.  
* My default posture (i.e. remaining vulnerable in order to connect more meaningfully with others) has taken a few other hits over the last three years. But until I discover a better way to connect, I'll take my bumps.

What's changed for you since 2011 with respect to connecting or re-connecting?            

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