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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

a liitle ado about nothing

After nearly 900 posts over three and a third years, today I'm small "c" celebrating because my blog now has its own web domain. What does this mean for any of you? Nothing you will notice - you can still find me the same ways you always have. But, STARTING TODAY (drum roll, please!) the words "reflections from the bell curve" followed by a .com "belong" to me - in the virtual world, anyway.

I guess some small "p" peace of mind is now mine since, for a fee, someone has given me a tiny something somewhere in cyberspace. And, in theory, no one can now decide to use the exact same words, in the exact same order, as their own web domain. Who says money doesn't buy safety and security? Does the money I shelled out protect me from being plagiarized? No way. In any sense, are my posts now my "intellectual property"? Not a chance. Do I have any recourse if someone decides to begin writing under the rubric, "Bell Curve, Reflections" or puts a .net, .org,  .edu directly next to "my" five words? No, nope, you're dreaming, ha!

Such a deal.

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  1. I was determined to respond to the posts I've neglected in the order in which you have written, but this seemed to warrant immediate response.

    Congratulations!!!! This is exciting news for those of us who enjoy your musings.