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Saturday, July 12, 2014

#24: The Mt. Rushmore Series (By Half)

I say "Adam and     " and you say what? For this iteration of the Mt. Rushmore series, here are my four choices for one half of a fictional duo to span the ages. I maintain there is no more than one possible name to complete the other half of any of these partnerships, each from a different world. Try to make another name go along with any of these, I dare you. Even better, give me your version of Mt. Rushmore by half, using the worlds I chose or your own.

From the world of drama: Romeo and 

From the world of film: Thelma and 

From the world of music: Frankie and 

From the world of  literature: Scarlett and

This post goes out to folks who've told me they resist commenting on my blog because they have nothing "profound" to say. Think it's fair to say no one would use the word profound to describe this reflection, right?

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