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Monday, July 14, 2014

Calling All Apple Polishers

As I began the prep for a week long course I'm teaching in mid-August, it suddenly dawned on me: Many of you might be able to assist me. If you never polished a teacher's apple before, consider this your golden opportunity.

My course is called "The Roaring 20's Through The Rocking 80's: The Timeless Appeal Of Great Songs". Which one song written in each of those seven decades would you consider essential if you were taking a course with this title? And, which component makes it timeless? Melody? Harmony? Rhythm? Lyric? I sincerely welcome any suggestions you make, online or off.

Special bonus: Any suggestion I end up using entitles the suggester to free views of my blog. Such a deal. Any one interested in the course itself, look for the "Summer Scholars" schedule from the link below.


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