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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Sacred Place

"It's impossible to capture the beauty of nature, but it's inspiring to try." -  Mindy Flexer, 2007 Artist in Residence, Schoodic Peninsula

On our fourth trip to Acadia National Park, my wife and I have explored different parts of this amazing place largely because a friend who lives close to the park kindly put us up for a night and then also guided us around. Had she not done so, it's likely we'd have both missed the heaven on earth called Schoodic Peninsula.

Where were you the last time an experience with nature left you unable to articulate how you felt? Standing on the rocks early today at Schoodic Peninsula as the ocean pounded the shore nearby, the summer of 2000 came rushing back. That year, while hiking in Glacier National Park, I bent down and cupped my hands to take a drink from a creek running alongside the trail. I can't articulate what I felt that day fourteen years ago any better than I can what I felt today standing on those rocks. But I am inspired to keep trying and also to keep seeking out experiences like this.

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