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Monday, July 21, 2014

Single Or Double?


For those of you who have not read "Serena" (2008) by Ron Rash, it is clearly worth your time. Crisp prose, memorably ruthless eponymous character, terrific cautionary tale about rapacious greed. For anyone who has read it, after consulting the hierarchy I created early this year (see the post above), I have to know - Would you rate this book a single or a double?

I've toggled between first and second base since finishing it. There is no doubt Rash hit the ball solidly, and especially in the chapters featuring the young mother (Rachel Harmon) and her son, third base beckoned. Near the end, as evil incarnate Galloway relentlessly pursues Rachel on Serena's behalf, the author had me by the throat. It's been a long time since I've read a book with three venomous but compelling lead characters. Serena and Galloway top the totem pole with the ever-so-slightly less vicious George Pemberton close on their heels.

If you recall the terrifying character Javier Bardem played in the movie "No Country For Old Men", I'm sure you can appreciate my unimaginative choice of who should play Galloway in the upcoming film version of "Serena". The book jacket says Jennifer Lawrence has the title role and Bradley Cooper plays George. Neither would have been my first choices - I would have picked Michelle Williams and Christian Bale - but nobody asked me. I hate when that happens. If you read the book, who would you pick to play these three irredeemably vile people?    

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