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Friday, July 4, 2014

Receptivity And Connecting

I seem to be in one of those cool cycles where many new people I'm coming into contact with intrigue me. Are these things as cyclical with you as they are with me?

During periods like this, my challenge is not scaring off new people being over eager. At the same time, because the next similar cycle could be a long way off, it feels foolish acting at all aloof. As soon as I connect, it seems important to pursue that, wherever it leads.

I've also been reflecting on how much these cycles are linked to where I am when they occur. Although at present I don't feel more or less receptive than is my norm, it would probably be smart to get other opinions. In the meanwhile, I'm happily anticipating spending time with some new people.


  1. I believe everything is cyclical and nothing accidental, especially when it comes to people being introduced into our life stories. I like to take a step back and observe my present situation when someone new comes in to try to figure out what it is that they are bringing to me, or me to them, at this particular point of junction. Since none of us are intended to be stagnate and each of us is called to grow and be stretched by those who enter our lives, for me the question is: Where is the growth meant to occur?

    I can't say I worry too much about being over eager or aloof, which is huge considering how much I over-analyze most everything else in my life. Being in touch with who I am and knowing what I know about myself - especially that I would never intentionally hurt anyone or scare them away, allows me to know that what I have to offer them is genuinely me. If they are put off by how they perceive me to be, whether it be frighteningly straightforward or disappointingly aloof, or somewhere in between, as long as I am being what is genuinely me, then perhaps their reaction is an indication of where the growth, mine or theirs, was intended to occur.

    Only time can tell the beautiful gifts that are hidden in the relationships brought into our lives. I believe, the unwrapping, from the very beginning, is part of the journey.

  2. that was me, but I forgot my "d."

    1. d; You didn't need to tell me - I'm getting accustomed to your perceptive and in depth comments. I love your question "Where is the growth meant to occur?" and your insight about being genuine. Thanks so much for reading.