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Thursday, December 25, 2014

ISBN 978-1-32-027062-5

To this point, what has been the most thoughtful material gift you've ever received?

Since the start of our love affair in April 1978, many of the wonderful gifts my wife has given me have stopped me cold. But right now I'm having difficulty imagining ever again unwrapping something as meaningful as I did several hours ago. My wife assembled a lifelong goal, handed me a dream.    

ISBN 978-1-32-027062-5 - my unique, legal copyright. Ten sections - each with a monthly heading, March through December -  containing the 203 blog posts I wrote in 2011. Lying on the couch in this room is my first book. Except for the comments, which I'm pleased my wife decided to include, every word between the covers came from inside me. And so did the words on the cover.

"Reflections From The Bell Curve, 2011" : Patrick J. Barton  


  1. Catching up and delayed as usual over here...this post has been on my mind since I first read it. The most thoughtful gift I have ever received was a calendar from a friend with whom I had spent a week in Baltimore as her caregiver while she was undergoing a bone marrow transplant. She knew that we would get to spend very little of the upcoming year together, and so she purchased a calendar so that I would feel her presence even after she died. I cherished that calendar and still do, 15 years later.

    The gift your wife gave to you is a beautiful testament to her understanding of you. How wonderful for her to know you so well and to appreciate all that you've done with your writing. Your happiness with and appreciation of your first book must have been a beautiful gift for her to receive as well. thank you for sharing! d.

  2. d; Thanks for "catching up" and your continuing comments. It's apparent you really get how much this gift meant to me. And thanks also for sharing your moving story about your friend and the calendar.