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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mr. Id's Rosy Vision

Mr. Id is not interested in adding to the noise surrounding Bill Cosby's fall from grace. And, if any of the allegations turn out to be true, his bias is clear - victimized women in these situations deserve to be heard.

That said, Mr. Id does wonder how this sordid story can be called "news".  There is nothing at all new about it. Why haven't the media developed a boilerplate that allows the next powerful sexual predator's name to be inserted into this redundant story the next time it happens? Cynical as it may be, is there any reasonable person who doubts this will happen again soon?

Mr. Id has also largely resisted the notion of a rosy past magically superior to the present. But in this instance, he wouldn't mind returning to the days before 24-7-365, TVs-as-big-as-movie-screens, Internet-everywhere news. Or, if we have to have all news, all the time, Mr. Id has a proposal:  How about if stories like this are identified as "old news" so we all know in advance we can skip reading about, listening to, or watching most of it? Now that would be rosy.

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