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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holidays, Time, Success

The blur of time going by gets to me some days. What are some common triggers that get you thinking about this phenomenon?

In this particular instance, these thoughts began sweeping over me while writing little notes to friends on our holiday letter. Another year ending; no doubt this happens to many people around now. Add in my introspective nature and a recent conversation about the elusive concept of success and presto - a little dip in the holiday mood, perky music and festive decorations notwithstanding.

After almost four years of blogging, I've learned to wait until my low points have passed before publishing a post reflecting on any melancholy; the really mawkish stuff ends up in my journal instead. The nadir of this particular dip was about a week ago. The result? Two quiet days in a row from Pat on the bell curve and several long naps. What are your go-to strategies? A week later and the blur of time feels less onerous. And, some kind words an ex-colleague said about me in a speech at his retirement celebration this past week helped me re-calibrate the word success, again.


  1. Hi Pat, I often don't reply to your posts because my incessant optimism is such that even I want to smack myself...but I just had to this time. If you need a measure of your success, just look to your Thursday lessons. You have impacted this little girl in a way that will help to nurture her love of music for life. You have taught her that music and creating music can be a joy, that with a little practice she can conquer something that at first seemed impossible, and that she has the power to bring a grown man to his feet with exuberance. You have succeeded, as far as I can see, in our little corner of space and time.

    As for the passage of time, each year's passing brings with it several lists. Some we can read with healthy pride and others with a cringe. What is the list you are wishing to compile? What is the measure of your success in 2014? For me, if I were to sit down and read over my journal, I would find a list of people brought into my journey, some for a fleeting moment and others who have remained for the duration. My 2014 success, and thereby the measure of the time spent in 2014, lies in these relationships, both what they have brought to me and what I have given to them. I can never know how I have impacted the people with whom I've come in contact, but I can know that I tried to bring happiness and peace...I can know that my success is in these encounters when I held my tongue, held the door, or held my breath waiting to see if I have helped them to live a little easier. When I consider this list, I stand amazed at all that has been brought to me in such a short amount of time, and what I have done to make certain that time was well spent.

    Please don't underestimate all the difference you have caused in the year that has passed! I am certain your impact has been tremendous! d.

    1. d; Needless to say your comment made my day; thanks for the very supportive words.