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Monday, December 8, 2014

War And Tiny Pieces

Good intentions, uncooperative muse.

That about sums up my November of long form writing. Although I took the month off from regular volunteer commitments, tried limiting the social interactions, retreated to the library (laptop in hand) several times, I don't have a great deal to show for all that dedicated time. As I frequently coach others - time to adjust the expectations. How often do you find yourself wishing you were a little better at taking the advice you dole out?

Spending so much time staring at a blinking cursor did remind me - again- to be grateful writing is not my livelihood. And even though my "book" is still a very short story, extra solitary time is always therapeutic. Finally, all those popping kernels - most of which didn't mesh with my opus - might well turn out to be useful. Song fragments, blog posts, ideas for future classes - grist for the mill. In my experience, creativity is as much about incubation as it is inspiration. I'm committed to remaining patient with my process.

So, even though the muse apparently didn't get the memo about November being National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), it was time well spent. Big thanks to the folks who asked about my progress.                          


  1. How often do you find yourself wishing you were a little better at taking the advice you dole out?
    In fact, this very thought crossed my mind today. A friend had texted me about 'skimming' a book I had loaned to him and I 'helpfully' advised him that actually reading the book was better for him than skimming it. As I think about it, my friend must have read that text as both insulting and judgmental. Why am I so inclined to tell others what to do when I can't do half the stuff myself (stay on schedule, READ something in its entirety, be tidy, follow through, etc. etc). So easy to advise others! Physician heal thyself...

    1. Anonymous; This recovering judgaholic is with you all the way. Stay the course, avoid the advice, keep reading and commenting. Thanks.