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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nearly Endlessly

"...endlessly inventive..."

Coming across that hyperbolic phrase in a music review recently, I paused. Praising something to entice others is a key element in many reviews, but is it possible to be endlessly inventive? Endlessly anything?

For nearly endlessly introspective yours truly, this is no idle reflection. Just two examples from the creative domain came to me immediately: 1.) Whenever I begin improvising on guitar and hear myself returning to something tried and true ("licks" in musician-speak), I realize the extemporaneous moment has passed. 2.) When I come up with a "new" idea for a blog post and a keyword search reveals I've been there (done that), I wonder - If keyword search were not available, would I even know I was not being endlessly inventive?

How about an endlessly inventive life? Anyone? When you re-tell a story for the hundreth time (accompanied by wholly appropriate groans from any longtime partner), do you find yourself longing for fresh material? What examples of endlessly anything can you offer this nearly endlessly inquisitive blogger?

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  1. The ability to be endlessly anything is dependent on whether it is part of one's intrinsic personality. Finding things endlessly interesting, being endlessly intrigued by natural phenomena, being endlessly hungry for connection are all tied to who we are. Endlessly and uniquely creating is more about the ability to do something, while being endlessly introspective is more about being who you are.