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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pets R' You (2014)

While waiting for my daughter's dog at "doggie day care" yesterday, I began reflecting: Have the norms for other pets changed as much over the last thirty years as those linked to having a dog? Pet owners - please don't go dog-shit on me; I haven't had a pet since the mid-80's. So I was wondering...

* Are there "kitty day care" centers? If yes, do the cats care if their owners forget to claim them?
* What percentage of holiday cards do you receive where the picture includes pets? How many include pet signatures? When you get a picture card that no has human beings - i.e. only animal(s) - do you wonder what happened to the owners?
* Aside from dogs, what kind of clothing is currently available for other pets? Are tropical fish owners living in cold climates satisfied with adjusting the water temperature of their tanks or...lobbying for a new designer line?

I'm also a little curious about comparable laws for pets (aside from dogs) related to poop-scooping but that's where I came in. Those laws - very thankfully - went into effect after my last dog died. Given that services and viewings for pets were also not commonplace in 1985, I'm guessing that last dog of mine is residing in either doggie-limbo or purgatory. So my final question is: Can any of those pre-1985 pets get retroactively admitted into animal heaven? Just asking.

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