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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bartons Saturate The Airwaves! Story At 10

OK, maybe saturate is over-the-top but humor me anyway. 

The first link below is an ATT commercial that has gotten a significant amount of airplay recently, especially during the football playoffs. It features a repetitive character named Lily that many of you may have seen but you probably didn't know about the Barton piece. That's my daughter playing the young woman customer in the spot. It's brief but quite delightful. 


My TV spot is longer but clearly not as likely to be seen. A gentleman related to a student of mine interviews me on his local cable show called "Classic Movies" focusing on the intersection of music & film. My three spots - complete with toothy grin - occur at the start (about eight minutes in length as the host prepares to introduce the film) again for about two minutes fifty one minutes into the movie and two final minutes after the film is over, 1 hour and thirty eight minutes later.  All I can say about my mug on camera is it's a good thing I don't wear dentures. Yikes! 

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