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Monday, January 25, 2016

Reality Check

Re-entering a routine Monday yanked me right back from the petulant posture of yesterday's post.

While driving to Meals on Wheels, with the snow making the sidewalks impassable and no shoulder in the road, it was hard not to notice people walking in the streets en route to bus stops or the local gathering places for itinerant labor. I was reminded how I take my automobile - among other things - for granted.

Then after arriving and learning the service was cancelled today, on the drive home I reflected on the homebound people the program serves. Since meals are not typically delivered over the weekend, how many of these folks might be entering their third full day without a single human contact? Even those with nearby family may have been unreachable given the storm.

It's so easy to forget my good fortune.


  1. That's a good one, Pat. It so easy to get caught up in how the storm impacted our own lives. Home bound people are so isolated and even the briefest of visits are so deeply anticipated. You do good work in this world and always remind me I could do more. Thanks!

  2. Hi Pat, I've been wanting to reach out to you to let you know that I have been using many of your posts in my Seminar classes at the Middle School level. These classes are for kids who need a little extra help, not because of intelligence, but because of behavior that keeps them from learning. Your posts have been a great way for us to start our classes, and have lead to many great discussions. Not sure if it is a comfort to you, but these young men are right on the Bell Curve with the rest of us in so many ways, and you are letting them see that.

    Thank you!!! By the way, your license plate post had them thinking about unfortunate possibilities of letter order, and whether or not plates could have certain combinations...haha! They might take the Bell Curve a little off track!!!

    Thank you, Pat!

  3. Pat, Thanks for your insightful comments. there are so many situations in life where it's easy to forget that good fortune that seems to come to some more than others.

  4. Pat, Sorry for the typo in my last comment, it should have read "the good fortune". Capital "T" on the "There as so..." as well. Must be a defective keyboard!

  5. I left for class and realized that I commented on such a serious post with a totally different twist without acknowledging the importance of what you had to say here. Thank you, Pat, for caring for our homebound. At one time, I was on a snow chain for the elderly where a few of us would check in on the homebound folks during weekends like this past one. You made me think of how important this ministry was, and how we all should be involved in caring for our neighbors. Thank you! d.

  6. Wonderful post and a good reminder of how fortunate we are! Thanks....

  7. Wow, I'm so pleased this post had such resonance for all of you.

    d; Thanks for the extra boost about using my blog posts as jumping off points for discussions with your students. That made my day!