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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Help When We're Stuck

Putting aside the economic piece, what do you think explains the significant gap between the number of people who ever seek out therapy and the number who could benefit from therapy?

My long-running reflection on this dis-connect kicked into higher gear after a mini-meltdown I had over the holidays followed by a deeply disturbing conversation with someone. During my own bad moments, I tried using some of the tools my therapist taught me during four years with him to help me navigate my trouble. Then, even after hearing skepticism about therapy in the later conversation, I still struggled with my instinct to suggest it as an intervention to someone so obviously stuck. But I resisted, instead doing what I often do - asking a lot of non-leading questions, hoping the person might find some of their own answers. Then I left that conversation disappointed in myself for not following my instinct.  

Have you ever met anyone who could not benefit from having a wholly impartial trained person listen without judgment? I have not. No matter how rich our personal relationships are, people who love us always carry baggage that interferes with their impartiality and ability to listen without judgment. It's hard for me to escape the conclusion that all of us can benefit, throughout our lives, from trained help.          

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