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Friday, January 29, 2016

No Napping While Driving

At present, I'm almost through a Great Courses lecture series entitled "The Modern Intellectual Tradition: From Descartes To Derrida" featuring Professor Lawrence Cahoone . Listening to this brilliant scholar parse the distinctions between philosophical constructs is often a confusing experience. In just minutes I ping-pong from stimulation to bewilderment to discouragement.

Though my Sybil-like self talk is unsettling, I suspect it's not terribly unique but you tell me: Aren't you stimulated when learning? At the same time, aren't you sometimes bewildered when what you're learning has limited practical value? And yet, when learning from someone who has a seemingly limitless depth of expertise, aren't you occasionally discouraged thinking about the limitations of your own intellect regardless of the utility of what you're learning?

Confusion and angst aside, I'm pleased with a decision to listen to the CDs from this series only while driving. If I'd unwisely chosen to listen while at home, my dips into discouragement could have easily turned into excuses for frequent naps.

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  1. I purchased The Stone Reader, the recently published compilation from the popular NYTimes philosophy series. I am digesting a bit at a time. I highlight sections and write in remarks as I please. It's not unusual to find sections where I wrote "I was totally confused by the next eight pages."