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Monday, January 11, 2016

Can This Be Right? (2nd Winter Edition)

Of the sixteen words deconstructed in six previous iterations of this series, so far only one reader has dissented - and he with just one word -  that the words I've chosen do not sound like what the dictionary says they mean. For today's second winter edition of "Can This Be Right?", I offer three new boners, including one suggested by that only (to date) dissenter. Let the debate begin.

apposite: suitable, pertinent. Come on, how can this be right? Tell the truth now, what did you think apposite meant? Even if you didn't think of what I often do when seeing or hearing that word, don't tell me you thought it meant what it means, OK?

prolix: tediously long. I know, I know, it does have that "pro" prefix that could make you think of prolonged or something similar but own up, OK? When you see prolix in print or even better, hear it said aloud, what is the first thing that really crosses your mind? This isn't fun if you're not honest.

stevedore: a firm or individual engaged in the loading or unloading of a vessel. What? You've got to be kidding. Marlon Brando plays a stevedore in "On The Waterfront?" Can this be right?

This is your chance to either supply your own "Can This Be Right?" word(s) or dissent with my risible choices, all right? Pick one option or the other or ... risk not earning the approbation of this redoubtable blogger.    


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  1. Sorry, but I'm not much into the standard Merriam-Webster dictionary these days. Playing tournament Scrabble is my personal insanity. Quick! Can you name six four-letter words having two U's and only one repeated consonant? The answers are: BUBU, JUJU, LULU, MUMU, PUPU, TUTU. Pat, let your readers decide which one of us has a better "grippe" on the English language.