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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The General Practitioner's Five Year Check Up

The books I've read about blogging all suggest that a narrow focus is the safest route for building a following. And classes I've taken about blogging say mostly the same thing. One of my recent instructors has a blog devoted to dissecting the lyrics of Bob Dylan - now that's a niche, right?

But in classic extrovert fashion - and long before knowing it might limit readership - I decided early on to aim for breadth vs. depth. My eclectic approach to subject matter was further influenced by a strong belief that our passions - no matter how intense - don't necessarily dominate our conversations. Don't most of us ruminate about lots of stuff, not just the things we enjoy? I do and I'm certainly not unique.

What exactly is the general practitioner/blogger getting at? Well, it's been almost five years and based on a wish to reach more readers, I'm considering a course correction. Is it time for me to become a specialist? If I switch to blogging exclusively about one of my passions, which of those would help keep you interested? The more input I receive, on or offline, the more confident I'll feel about any course correction I make.

One caveat: Keeping to my practice of brief posts (three or four short paragraphs) will be challenging if I begin specializing in one of my most intense passions - music, literature, film. So, if my short format is a big deciding factor in whether you'll hang in there with me, let me know that as well. And thanks for your help.


  1. There is a simple remedy for your problem. Write five days a week, rotating these topics: music, literature,film, psychology/philosophy, human interest. You'll be doing what you already do well, but assigning days will help readers seek out their special interest areas. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to call me in the morning.

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