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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Thanks, Boss

Think of the best supervisor you ever had. What trait did that person possess or which behavior did he or she frequently exhibit that made them so good? Now think of the worst supervisor you ever had and answer the same question. Which of the two is more solidly etched in your memory?

Reviewing my full time work life, I can't honestly recall ever having someone I'd call a bad supervisor. But I can distinguish a few things separating the good ones from the best.

* The best supervisor I ever had put a lot of effort into my performance reviews. I walked away from each of those conversations with something tangible I could improve.

* This same person didn't wait for performance reviews to give me positive or corrective feedback.

* Over the five years I reported to this person, I don't recall ever hearing a bad word spoken about someone else.

That last trait is something I value in anyone, supervisor or not. But in my experience - especially in a work environment - it is rare. Thanks for teaching me some stuff boss. 

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  1. Specific, immediate and discrete--words to live by. They bring everything to relationships!