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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Liven Up, Codgers

What was the last memorable film you saw depicting older folks? Though I've seen just three of the nine movies recently nominated for an Oscar, I can tell from reading about them - or seeing the ads or trailers  - that just "Fences" has a main character with gray hair. Been a while since I've seen a good film featuring people my age or older without an enema joke or a character with Alzheimer's.

And there's so much excellent source material not pandering to tired stereotypes. Without struggling, I could name ten great recent novels with richly developed older characters. Which titles pop into your mind?

I suspect marketing people might have decided my demographic doesn't get out enough. I'm starting to share that view. Routinely, folks my age express surprise when learning I've driven to a different county for a book club meeting! My first thought hearing that? You better liven up codger, or else be satisfied when films about people your age can't transcend references to dentures, adult diapers, or knee and hip replacements. In the meanwhile Hollywood, how about adapting "The Sense Of An Ending" for this coot?

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