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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Six Years

What have you discovered about yourself over the past six years?

With tomorrow marking the six year anniversary of my first published blog post, I've recently been more introspective than usual. And despite my occasional disappointment, hurling reflections, posing questions, and fielding comments here since March 15, 2011 has been a net positive for me.

Most significantly, I've discovered public writing juices all my other creative impulses and keeps me attuned to how easily clichĂ© can sneak into any creative endeavor. Even on days when all I write are these few brief paragraphs, if I'm not vigilant, hackneyed phrases or tired combinations of words can help suck the freshness out of a short post.    

I've also learned things about some of you and benefited from your supportive and critical feedback. Thanks for that. 


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