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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Not For Family Consumption

Unappealing as it may be, after six years of volunteering at a stable and sixty seven years of living, I've noticed uncomfortable but inescapable similarities in the eating behavior of horses and some dining habits I've observed at meals I've attended or hosted.

* Some horses are less inclined to share their hay.
* Some horses wait patiently to begin eating from the feed bags I fill. Others attack the hay before I've finished securing the bag on the paddock fence, placement of my fingers aside.
* Some horses chew quite loudly.

Of course, there are differences as well. The menu never varies at the stable. 


  1. My ears are burning from this blog(does that phrase still work with the written, not spoken, word?). As someone who has elbowed my way in front of other guests at your home to be first in line to the (always delicious) Barton-Rowe buffet, I'm afraid i may be one of the human horses who made you think of this blog topic. "Neigh," you may say (or, wait, that would be my line since I'm the horse here...). My mother used to call me "an enthusiastic eater." Just like Mr. Ed.

    1. Lori; One of the inherent risks writing a public blog is the occasional situation when someone I know sees a piece of themselves in what I publish and then makes the leap to thinking I had them in mind. This has happened to me in some funny and some uncomfortable ways over these six years. One individual thought ALL my posts were somehow connected to our (at the time) beginning acquaintance. That person was wildly off base. You, on the other hand, were simply not in the correct paddock, a much more benign circumstance. Having shared many dinners with you, I can say without reservation you never crossed my mind as I thought of those horses that have come close to taking off my fingers on a few Fridays over the last six years. Thanks for your comment - NEIGH says I - and for reading.