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Friday, March 24, 2017

Words That Can Haunt Me, Part 14: Supercilious

supercilious: haughtily disdainful as a person, or in expression or bearing. Synonyms: arrogant, scornful.

When describing my reading preferences - and some who love me may say at other times as well -  supercilious is probably an accurate description of my demeanor. I'm more measured here because it's easy to edit my impulses while typing and I long ago made a commitment to not bash authors on my blog.   

Now, were I more careful when speaking aloud about authors, supercilious might haunt me less. But aside from many years of the mouth moving before the brain has fully engaged - and I make no excuses for that bad behavior - the volume of my reading in the post full time work years has also tripled, at least. And, over these past seven years, I've met some very discerning fellow readers who often share my disdain for cheap sentiment, clunky metaphors, and speeches given by characters to ensure an author's MESSAGE is unmistakable. I realize what is melodrama to you may be moving to me and vice versa. But being spoon fed by an author to "feel" something reminds me of the intrusive violins used in some films. Under those circumstances, I want to tell that author or filmmaker, "Let me figure out what I think or feel, will you please?"

p.s. I started with snob as the 14th haunting word for this series. But, the dictionary definitions for that simpler word didn't fit me as well as supercilious. The fancy-schmancy word will make the word snobs happier anyway. 

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