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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Almost Halfway Round The Globe

Over the six year duration of our "Eat The World" project, we've now sampled the cuisine of eighty seven independent nations. What recent eating experience took you to a foreign land? What did you eat? Would you return for more of whatever you had?

At our current rate - we're almost halfway round the globe now - the project could be completed by 2026, especially with the help we've been getting lately from the friends who have become frequent fellow food travelers. Regular readers will not be surprised to learn how quickly I was able to provide a list of countries not yet tasted to a few of those friends who want to host a dinner for us to keep the project humming. You want a list? That's like to asking me to recommend a good recording or book or film. Be careful what you ask for.

The last country we "visited" was Georgia - Western Asia, not US South version - via a restaurant called Old Tbilisi in NYC. At this point, unless Google searches have let me down, we've largely exhausted the local eating out possibilities. But, El Salvador is in our near future on a visit to DC in April and I'm hoping an eating adventure or two awaits us on vacations later this year. Until then, I've got my sous chef apron and knives ready to go and my ears open waiting for your suggestions. 

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  1. I'm so happy and grateful for being your traveling partner! Also so thankful for all the many friends and family who have enthusiastically (and adventurously) participated. Looking forward to all that taro as we make our way through our remaining countries...anybody have a source? Just found a recipe for Klouikloui, which is rings of fried peanut butter served in Benin...Elvis would be proud.