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Monday, March 13, 2017

Yeah! Snow Day Tomorrow!

Foremost of the benefits of teaching guitar to children is how they continually remind me of simple joys. Like snow days.

Remember how thrilled you were in grade school when you knew you'd be off the next day? Though I loved school, I loved snow days more. How about you? Every young student I had at the studio today was buzzing with anticipation. It was so much fun being next to their gleeful energy.

My plan while shoveling tomorrow is to embody Pat, circa the early 60s. First step: After publishing this post, I'm going into my I-tunes library and construct a playlist with music from that era. Early Beach Boys, some Chuck Berry, "Our Day Will Come", etc. If the set ends before I finish clearing the car and driveway, I'll just hit re-play on my I-pod. Then, I'm going to make a snowman.        

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  1. Ha,ha. The weather man was wrong! No snow man today. Hope you enjoyed the tunes nevertheless:)