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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ide Rather Have Fun

With the Ides of April upon us, here's one suggestion for keeping those bad Brutus vibes at bay: Let your mind have free rein/reign/rain and try thinking like the late great George Carlin for just a few minutes. Punning, messing with words, & de-constructing everyday expressions does nothing to ease the problems in our world. But it sure is fun.

Does a dodo hanging out too often with young deer and eating too much bread have a doe-doe dough-dough problem?

If the last event in a entertainer's career is called a swan song, what should the penultimate event be called?

Is it redundant for a criminal on the lam to ask for seasoning on his gyro? 

What do you call it if twins utter the same double entendre simultaneously? What if both of them have a double chin?

Did Ella ever scat about scat? Shit, I hope not.

Do the most intelligent people whisper sweet little somethings into their lover's ears?

Come on, I know you've got a few of these up your sleeve to help all of us on this star crossed day. Why not share? If what you're wearing has no sleeves, you're excused. See you on the Ides of May.


  1. Did Michael Jackson really think "Don't think twice" twice when penning Billie Jean? Perhaps it was alright that he thought twice, perhaps inspired by Zimmerman who thought twice about his last name when the rooster crowed at the break of dawn back in Hibbing.

    1. Anonymous; Nice; I was going to do a similar riff on songs but thought it might be a bit esoteric. If you continue reading and see that kind of thing on my blog in the future, you can chalk it up to your influence. Thanks for the comment.