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Monday, April 17, 2017

Lucky Thirty Nine

"If you have garden and a library, you have all you need." - Cicero

Though Cicero's words were aimed at describing a fulfilling life for an individual, it dawned on me not long ago that his sentiments perfectly outline the life my wife and I have built since our first date thirty nine years ago today. And our partnership - garden and library included - is not all I need but it's darn close.

"There is no love which does not become help." - Paul Tillich

How do the people who love you help you? I can't count all the ways my wife has helped me since April 17, 1978. Most recently, I realized how much I depend on her level headedness to keep me grounded.  

"Life is too short to be angry with your significant other for longer than ten minutes" - from "Modern Love"

After reading that in the NY Times weeks ago, it immediately went into my notebook. I was grateful the admonition allowed me to be human. I'm not above getting angry at my wife but limiting the anger to ten minutes seems like a worthy goal on this 39th anniversary of our first date. Care to join me, anniversary aside? If so, let's compare notes on our progress.

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