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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Me Too

With respect to the Me Too voices, I'm strongly inclined to give women who step forward the benefit of the doubt. I acknowledge the possibility of false accusations. But the years I spent learning about the phenomenon of sexual harassment - preparation for teaching how to prevent it -  and the stories I then heard in classes persuaded me that women making those types of accusations are exceedingly rare.

I desperately want to believe the current conversation - and the consequences all these famous vile predators are now facing - might move our culture toward more respect for women. Still, keeping my cynicism under control is a battle. When a friend recently wondered aloud if sexually abusive and controlling men might just resort to sneakier behavior to avoid getting caught, I couldn't fault her line of thinking. What do you think? Have we turned a corner or will things get worse before they get better?

There are few things that give me as much joy as my grown daughter's strength and confidence. And there are fewer things that can make me as angry as imagining some entitled man trying to undermine that strength and confidence.


  1. I appreciate your point of view. Probably because I share it! In terms of whether we have turned the corner, I too am somewhat cynical. We haven't turned the corner on sensible gun legislation despite the fact that the majority of Americans desire this and some horrific tragedies in recent years. Unfortunately we still live in a male-dominated male-privilege society despite many gains made to make things better for women. As Gail Steinem said I am a "hope-oholic" but it is tempered by the reality that it might take some more time before things get where (in my opinion) they should be.

    1. Ines; As always, thanks for continuing to read my blog and for your comment. I like Gloria Steinem's notion of being a "hope-oholic especially when my cynicism gets the better of me.